Yoga pants with back flap pockets



Yoga pants with back flap pockets for women’s


  • Engineered safe fabric, more dense and solid than 79.3% polyester, and 20.7% spandex fabric. Moisture-licking, breathable, soft, and durable.
  • UNIQUE DIY PANTS: The full length of the pants is 34 “, but you can cut them into 28” / 30 “/ 32” inseam pants. All you need is a little “DIY”, just cut off the extra part to reduce the length of your insomnia. (Get more details on more photos.)
  • TRULY OPAQUE: More dense and elastic fabrics guarantee non-see-through.
  • Four pockets: two front pockets (6 “wide, 6.1” DEEP) can fit in your wallet and cellphone. Two back pockets (4.7 ”wide, 4.7” DEEP).
  • Totally for pets: Treated material, which will not easily stabilize or form a pellet, is ideal for pet owners and enthusiasts, who like sports in the dry season.
  • WARNING: To find a more suitable in some length and to cut the length of the income more accurately, before cutting the pants, please try on the pants and find your ideal length. If you have any questions about tailoring the length of the pants, please contact us by email. We will help you:)

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