Yoga pants with concealed carry pocket



Yoga pants with concealed carry pocket for women’s


As manufacturers of concealer as men’s V-neck, crew neck, tank top, and women’s tank top, we have now entered the world of concealer leggings for women. Our all-black leggings have multiple spots to stop your weapon. Best used on smaller pistols because larger pistols will lower the band and become heavier. With two different pistol positions, you can choose your most comfortable draw, either through your kidney or your hip bones. It comes in all black and can be worn in more loose-fitting pants or on your own. Great for work out or for wearing on your night out.

  • 5% spandex
  • VERSATILE: These leggings are also great for a quick workout or a night on the town, dress them up or dress them up because they are multi-functional.
  • COMFORTABLE: Made from a soft poly blend material, these leggings are comfortable to wear, but strong enough to hold a small to medium size pistol.
  • Easy to make: With this 95% polyester and 5% spandex blend you can wash and reduce like dry colors
  • Extra locks: Extra pockets on each side are perfect for carrying extra magazines, cell phones, handcuffs, and other accessories.
  • Great for Everyone: Not only for the Police, FBI, DEA, TSA and other government agencies, but these pants are also great for the average woman with a concealed carry.

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